Le Colibri Necrophile / Earsheltering-Tribute to Necktar



“Because the conformism of the society involves the genocide of the deviants.”

Tribute to Necktar is the testimony of the emergence of humanity.

Under the pressure of obvious totalitarianism, eugenism which one preaches openly, bloodless reality, delivers work, the ultimate spark of life.
Incarnated by the “hors norme” fringe of the phenomenal universe.

Androvirus. Fr

Antiprintemps. Saint-Nazaire Fr

Buttor Zin Yourole. Rennes Fr

Chromatic. Maudit Terre

Der Brotmann. Venus

Fanny on Heat. Montoir de Bretagne Fr

Gestalt OrchestrA. Maudit Terre

Giscard Le Survivant. Fr

Goethia Orator. Rio de Janeiro Brésil

Headphoner & the Nurse. Nantes Fr

HolyLee88. Saint-Nazaire Fr

IDX1274. Portland Oregon

IDX1274 vs Cortex. Oregon/Fr

Le Syndicat. Paris Fr

Metastasis. Antofagasta Chili

Millefeuille. Chaumont Fr

No Projekt. Saint-Nazaire Fr

Nurse. Nantes Fr

PARKing’s sons. Saint-Nazaire Fr

Planetaldol. Paris Fr

Rethba sida. Saint-Nazaire Fr

Roland Bafius. Rennes Fr

Strip Mall Seizure. Oakland California

The Domestic Front. USA

Ton Image Oblique. Rennes Fr

Turmoil. Holyday Floride

Xaotik Muzak. Naples Italie

Thank you all for this extraordinary tribute to the deviance.
Deviants, Curseds… Behind the various terminologies, these are those that one sacrificie to the worship of conformism. Become representatives of the people, alive for eternity in the other world, among the gods.
Under its conditions the arrival of new opus is almost a miracle.


[Reproduction of the email sent 21/10/2005]

I. Once upon a time, Necktar.

For me, that was always an obviousness: Neck + Art (Blood + Money = the price of blood)

It is the Art of “Egorgés” (them whose the throat is cut).

Those which the society oppresses (Hereticks, anachronistic and different deviating) and tries to muzzle.

When the mouth is condemned, of the neck ends up beading black milk.

II. Tribute to Necktar.

A little by chance…

I had in contact of the creators of which I appreciated the vision. It fell under the logic of the muzik Hors Norme (except standard).

This project was born from the advisability of carrying out a single work once more.

Original and relevant?

The future will tell it to us.

III. A long history.

In the continuity of Necktaronline http://necktaronline.free.fr/ which opened compilation for groups extra Necrophile Hummingbird. Tribute to Necktar goes even further, it closes almost compilation with the origin’s groups of the C.N.!

Why ?

Because we are dead…

IV. A Reflexion.

Funny of tribute: some of the formations are more former to Necktar.

V. Some directives.

a. To carry out the perilous cohabitation of musics and musical experiments. To evoke Necktar compilation without reproducing Necktar compilation. One of its characteristics is to reinvent itself. It is thus a question of being where one do not await us.

b. To show that there is other universe that the mainstream.

c. To show that even if the projects change, the spirit of Necktar remains beyond that. Thus to show that work takes precedence over its creator.

VI. A Result.

If it is reached, the listeners will have, as at the time of the preceding opus, not the impression to be vis-a-vis a compilation, but vis-a-vis the album of a single group.

VII. Implementation.

a. Harvest: Each participant is invited to present 3 titles (former or realized for Tribute to Necktar), if possible by the means of Soulseek or by postal way:
Le Colibri Nécrophile – 53 rue du plessis – 44600 Saint-Nazaire.

b. Selection: 1 to 2 titles will be selected, we will privilege mainly the originality and the experimentation, the onirism, subversion and the anachronism will not be forgotten. We invite all the participants to take part in this selection.

c. The finalization: The titles will be diffused freely.



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